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Soaring to Freedom provides Christian counseling and uses the method of treatment that the client and counselor feel will be best suited to the client’s individual needs. Each client’s specific approach to treatment will be determined after the initial assessment, and the approach may change as a relationship and trust develops between the client and counselor. If medication will be required, the client will be referred back to their Family Physician so the physician may be apprised of their client’s needs and will prescribe accordingly. In some cases, referrals may be made to Dr. J. Sallee, MD, as deemed necessary.

Fee Schedule

Initial Session: $100 (1 hour session)
Follow-Up (20-30 minutes) Sessions: $40

(cost will increase $20 for every 10 minutes past booked session time. Missed appointments will cost the client $20. More than two sessions missed will terminate any future sessions.)

Phone Call Questions: $15
(that cannot wait for a scheduled appointment)

Payment methods accepted:

Money Order, PayPal, Mastercard, or Visa

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If you or someone you know is in crisis please call 911 or contact your nearest crisis center.